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The Journey for Carsuka

10th May 2018

Carsuka started off as a spin-off in 2016 from another project called (Tuners), which was a joint venture with a US-based partner and potential investor. Tuners was an platform for car enthusiasts to purchase performance parts and automotive accessories from within ASEAN and the US. Due to differences in direction between the partners, the joint venture was dissolved before the platform was operational.

Carsuka’s first ventured into developing a workshop directory. After 6 month’s worth of research and development, we were in for a shock. It only took 2 days to realise that it was a failure from the on-ground validation with car workshops – our key stakeholder and source of income. They were not interested in working with Carsuka and there were little incentive for potential users.

Carsuka then pivoted to the business of selling automotive parts, going back to the basics of understanding the market needs and wants. As a bootstrapped company, Carsuka had to also leverage on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada in order to boost its sales revenue. Towards the end of 2017, there was no light at the end of the tunnel. Sales growth were slow and Carsuka was hitting a bottleneck.

Giving a shot at pitching events and started-incubation programmes; Carsuka gave a shot and was invited amongst other participants to pitch to a panel under the Khazanah Nasional Entrepreneurship Outreach (KNEO) programme. The 5-day bootcamp held was intensive and an eye-opening experience for Carsuka. The next phase was a 3-month acceleration programme; Carsuka is put under the guidance of Code Army where Running Lean and The Lean Startup is ingrained in us. Carsuka is now at the end of the 3-month programme and we are hoping to push the envelope from here onwards.