FBK Rear Brake Pads for Toyota Vios 1.5G (Abs) '03-'07

  • FBK Rear Brake Pads for Toyota Vios 1.5G (Abs) '03-'07

FBK Brake Pads

FBK brake pads are manufactured from specially formulated ceramic, non-metallic friction materials, and are extensively tested and developed to achieve maximum braking efficiency. Our core focus on quality provides for reliable and efficient braking performance over a wide range of driving conditions and terrains.

All FBK Brake Pads comply with OE standard. FBK has more than 500 E-Mark listed brake pads bearing the E1 or E11 Sign. All FBK Brake Pads also come standard with Shims and Scorching.

We deliver brake pads to vehicle manufacturers in Malaysia for the first OE fitment in newly
manufactured cars.


Performance Indicators

Friction Cakes
Hot Molding


FBK brake pads are made of vehicle-specific formulation with optimal friction coefficient to achieve the ideal stopping distance. This ensures comfortable and smooth braking across a wide range of driving conditions.


Careful selection of the right proportion of raw materials also ensures a smoother driving experience as it uses less abrasive action to create the braking force.


  • Uses advanced non-asbestos material in friction cake with low abrasive contents
  • Reduces heat generation
  • Quicker heat dissipation
  • Gentler on the brake disc rotors
  • Low dust


  • Use of graded adhesive combined with the delicate hot molding techniques prevents failure of the pads during use
  • Shear test are performed for added assurance


  • FBK brake pads demonstrate low fading in braking performance during sustained high speed and high temperature braking.
  • Fully tested by in-house dynamometer with data link management system.

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