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  • Carsuka Automotive - What is EFB Battery?

    What is EFB Battery?

    Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFBs) are engineered for higher performance and reliability than standard flooded batteries. They are built to support entry level Start-Stop engines, which put greater demands on the battery. Bosch Hightec EFB battery is built to provide dynamic charge acceptance and cyclic endurance up to 2 times compared to standard flooded batteries.

  • Carsuka Automotive - What is AGM Battery?

    What is AGM Battery?

    In city traffic, the vehicle’s electrical system can consume more power than the alternator can supply. Absorbent Glass Mat (AGMs) are engineered to recharge quickly with superior starting power to enable engine off-mode. Bosch Hightec AGM Battery is designed for Advanced Start-Stop systems with 3 times greater cyclic endurance.

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