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Advics Brake Star (Balanced Performance) Rear Brake Pads for Kia Forte , year 2009 - 2013

  • RM50.10
  • Ex Tax: RM50.10
  • Brands Advics
  • Product Code: Advics-Brake-Star-Rear-Brake-Pads-Kia-Forte-R2N027TE
  • Availability: In Stock

Tags: Advics Brake Star (Balanced Performance) Rear Brake Pads for Kia Forte, year 2009 - 2013

ADVICS's premium brake pads achieve higher level of safety based on engineering expertise and know-how from OEM business. Providing the well-balanced products globally, that has characteristics which usually conflicting requirements, such as brake effectiveness, fade, wear, squeal, vibration and noise.

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